Fat Worm Compost

The creators of Fat Worm, LLC recognize the need for a service that has not been available in the DC Metro area. In fact, it is barely available anywhere in the Eastern United States.  So we created Washington’s Organic Recycling Mission (WORM).  Our mission at Fat Worm, LLC is to contribute to the reduction of organic, compostable materials in our nation's landfills, which will lead to a decline in the production of methane and other greenhouse gasses that contribute to change in our Earth's climate, by collecting table scraps and other organic materials from residential and commercial locations to be taken to a composting facility and made into rich soil for farmers and gardeners to use.


We will provide each household, with however many 5- gallon containers required for its needs. The 5-gallon buckets are made of high density plastic and come with a Gamma Seal® easy-open lid to keep odors and critters at bay. Customers must line them with paper bags or compostable or biodegradable bags.  Each week we will empty the 5-gallon bucket (however many days necessary) and wipe it clean. If a hose or jug of water is readily available, Fat Worm employees can also rinse out the bucket, if the customer desires. Rich compost soil is available in the Spring to interested customers who have been with us for at least six months.

We provide our commercial customers (such as restaurants, schools, office buildings, etc.) with 35-gallon toters, made of heavy plastic, with a lid and wheels. These containers must be lined with compostable liners.  We cannot accept loose material or liquids of any kind.  The bags must be manageable (no more than about 30 lbs.) and must be properly tied to avoid the possibility of breakage and spillage.  Three to four bags of dence compost per 35-gallon container is ideal. We empty the toters however many days per week necessary for each customer.  Rich compost soil is available in the Spring to interested customers who have been with us for at least six months.

Are you having a party, bar-b-que or company picnic, and you want to be green? Fat Worm can provide all your composting needs.  We will drop off as many 35-gallon containers as you need for your event and remove them when you are done. Large or small, we can can handle it all!  From a group of 50 to a festival of 20,000 and many in between, we have provided service for many trpes of events in the DC area.  For pricing and other information please, contact us.


Once we collect your compostable scraps, we will gather all the material together mad make a weekly trip to Waste Management’s organic recycling transfer station at Annapolis Junction.  They in turn take it to The Peninsula Compost Group in Wilmington, DE. This facility will compost your organic scraps and turn it into nutrient-rich soil and sell it to farmers and gardeners.  We make every effort to “close the loop” by giving back soil to our customers, made form the the scraps we collect from them.